Hugh Jackman: the family shock that marked his childhood

At 51, Hugh Jackman is a world famous actor. If for many years he can count on the support and love of his fans, he missed the presence of a mother during his childhood. Indeed, the latter left her father when he was only eight years old. In an interview with Public, the star of the X-Men saga agreed to return to this painful episode: “One morning, my mother said goodbye to me, wishing me a good day at school. At home, with my two brothers and my two sisters, we noticed that she had packed up. It was only the next day that we heard from us: by telegram, she announced that she was leaving us. to settle in England. ”

The youngest of five siblings, Hugh Jackman is very close to his father, to whom he has a real admiration: “For months, I saw my father suffer in silence, praying for her to come back. might have collapsed, but no. He took care of us on his own and he got high to pay us good schools. ” Thus, the actor graduated in journalism. He explains: “My father asked me to study: acting was not a profession for him, but a hobby.” With only one salary and six mouths to feed, the fridge was not always full. Hugh Jackman recalls, “My father had only one idea in mind: that we get the best education. A big chunk of his salary went into that.” So, the star stayed away from Hollywood parties and never stopped working: “Seeing my father working so hard vaccinated me against the bullshit. He was single, worked tirelessly: I would have been ungrateful to him. cause misery. ”

“I was really traumatized by his departure”

If the actor could talk about his father for hours, it is for the American site Hollywood Reporter that he confided last year that the departure of his mother had made him the man he is today. : “My mother abandoned us to go back to live in England. I was really traumatized by her leaving, but above all it was very embarrassing towards others. Divorce was not something as common as ‘today. Well, it wasn’t that unusual, but the fact that it was my mother leaving man and children, was more so in the eyes of people. I remember this feeling and it changed me , he was very much involved in the man I have become. ” While the latter only returned to visit them once a year, he explains: “I understood that life was not Disney. That there were not always happy endings.” While he started his own family with his wife, Debbie-Lee Furness, the actor is however happier than ever!

Hugh Jackman at an event for the release of the movie “The Greatest Showman” in Chiba, Japan on the 13th © Aflo

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