Hugh Jackman returns to the front of the stage in a brand new role with The Son, by Florian Zeller. He plays that of a father who will be confronted with the severe depression of his son. On the occasion of the release of this film, he granted an interview to our colleagues from Parisian, Tuesday February 28, 2023. “It is not only the role that interested me but this whole story that Florian tells. was very motivating for me, as a father, a man and an actor. I even felt an urgency to interpret this role, because it is not often that I am thought of for this type of character”, confided the comedian before being asked about his battles against his many cancers.

Indeed, he was the victim of many skin cancers. “I had five cancers in my face, the least dangerous form, fortunately… it’s the problem of an English skin raised in Australia”, he said before revealing what is undoubtedly the because of his illnesses. “When I was young, I never put on sunscreen, I got sunburned, I peeled, I got sunburned again in the same place, and so on. At the time, we had less reflex to protect themselves. Except that the consequences of too long exposure to the sun do not appear until twenty-five years later…”

Hugh Jackman fears his future because of his cancers

At the same time, Hugh Jackman assured fear the sequel. “I haven’t had anything for five years, but my doctor assures me that it will come back, even if I now avoid exposing myself,” he said, remaining very calm. Even if he is aware that he lives with a sword of Damocles above his head, he wants to continue to enjoy life to the fullest. He hopes to continue to get roles that allow him to have a lot of fun.

Hugh Jackman: "it will come back", his edifying secrets about his cancers

Hugh Jackman © WALTER

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