What is libertinage?

Licentiousness refers to a sexual practice based on an idea of ​​freedom and trust within a couple. Indeed, it is a question of having sexual relations with another partner, outside the couple, without feelings and with the authorization of one’s spouse. Slightly different from swinging, which consists of exchanging partners with another couple, libertinism does not follow this rule in the sense that the freedom to go elsewhere with anyone is the principle of libertinism.

However, the concept of libertinage refers to the word libertine which designates a person who does not respect the morals of society and refuses to comply with the established rules. But, today, libertinism represents a different way of life from classic couples who practice monogamy by offering themselves the freedom to go and see elsewhere in mutual agreement with their couple.

Namely that licentiousness is different from deception, because the couple is completely in agreement that his other half has adventures from time to time. Infidelity is rather forbidden, which is the opposite in libertine couples.

Why do people practice libertinism?

Swinging can help a marriage as long as both partners are on board and have had open communication with each other. Indeed, after a while, couples may want to explore other horizons. Most of the time, libertine couples felt a lot of boredom in their relationship, but especially in their sexuality. Practitioners of libertinage have taken a liking to it and have noticed that it strengthens their couple in a spectacular way.

Another reason is that if one or both people are bisexual, the only way to satisfy them is to practice libertinage. Some would say it’s unfair for a bisexual person to be limited to sleeping with only one sex all their life. And in many couples, a person does not consider it cheating for their partner to sleep with someone of a different sex than their own.

Other libertine couples practice voyeurism and libertinage or swinging can be a great way to fill this sexual practice. These couples do not necessarily practice swinging regularly, but occasionally, to satisfy certain fantasies.

Should licentiousness remain a fantasy?

Like any fantasy, licentiousness may just be a limit that you dream of achieving but that you do not allow yourself to cross. Fantasizing is incredibly exciting, but when you move on to directing, you may realize that it is not as you would have liked and you may be disappointed. That’s why, it’s always good to take it step by step if you want to realize your fantasy of licentiousness.

At first, it is absolutely necessary to talk about your desires (even shameful ones) to your partner. Knowing how to measure all that it would imply to take action and make a decision based on all the parameters and the reactions that it would elicit. Licentiousness is not something to be taken lightly, you could feel jealousy, for example, and you can never go back the day your partner has shared a sexual moment with another person.

Perhaps your couple is not yet strong enough to try this practice. It is also an important issue to consider and you must be certain of your relationship with your partner because libertinage has a strict rule common to practitioners of libertinism: never fall in love with another partner. Think about it before you start.

Libertinism and jealousy

Just like traditional monogamy, non-monogamy is not for everyone. It is not recommended that a couple opt for an open relationship or a swinger lifestyle unless both partners are on the same page. But if both partners are interested in the experience, but fear feeling jealousy, that’s normal.

At some point, emotions can resurface but this should not discourage the couple from trying it. If the communication is open, it is normal to explore these feelings, because jealousy is not always a “negative emotion”.

On the contrary, jealousy can actually help individuals know what they want to keep sacred in their primary relationship, or where their values ​​lie. If a couple is having difficulty navigating these complex emotions, consider couples therapy and the support of a therapist who specializes in non-monogamy.

Know how to create rules or limits

Every relationship is unique to the people in it, so the rules for each may also be different. You have to create your own rules, hard or soft, relative to other people you know in this lifestyle. For example, whether you are together and therefore rather opt for swinging or going to a libertine club.

Why not put in place agreements on paper in order to establish a list of limits to be respected. You can include sexual acts, the nature of relationships, types of intimacy, and anything that is acceptable or not acceptable between the two of you. This way, the couple knows exactly what they feel comfortable with before they jump in and can also update it if they choose to open up more.

What outfits to wear for libertine evenings?

If the experience tempts you and you want to choose an outfit to go to a libertine club or in the evening with another partner, here is a selection of the best outfits for women in order to be even more desirable:

1 – The Panthera evening dress

This dress is perfect for libertine evenings and to highlight Madame’s curves. In a rather glamorous style, its light neckline reveals the top of the chest and reveals the shoulders. Just enough to keep a little mystery and be perfectly desirable.

That said, the short and tight side of the dress will make you very desirable and sexy during your libertine evenings. The pleated effect of the dress sublimates this whole outfit by adding a lot of class to the person who wears it. One thing is certain, it is that you will attract all eyes and make more than one crack!

2 – Cocktail mini dress

Always in a glamorous style, here is another style of dress for your evenings in libertine clubs. This mini-dress is a bare back accompanied by a rhinestone adornment that you can remove or not. This dress will make you the star of the evening thanks to its very “Hollywood” style.

Mix chic and sexy style for unforgettable dating evenings. Tight, shiny and sober with its black color, you will have the perfect look to seduce the people around you. This outfit can be worn for private parties as well as for restaurant outings during your meetings.

3 – Red Luxurious Feel Mini Dress

We go up a notch with this tight, fishnet and ultra sexy dress. For women who are not shy, you will make your partner’s head spin. But, if you wish, you can also be all the rage during your libertine club outings. One thing is certain, all eyes will be on you!

With this dress you will not go unnoticed. Entirely in fishnet and very tight, it will be easy to guess what you are wearing underneath. In addition, the color red is known to awaken desire in men.

The plus is that this dress is one size. Regardless of your measurements, its nylon and elastane composition allows this dress to adapt to all female silhouettes.

4 – Luxurious Feel Mini Dress Black

If you prefer a model in black, the Luxurious mini dress offers the same model in black. As you can see, the model in the picture wearing the dress is larger in size than the woman in the red color outfit, and you can see that both women are wearing this sexy dress very well.

Indeed, depending on your size, you can adjust the dress by raising it or lowering the upper part at your chest. However, the larger your size, the more your chest will be visible with the semi-transparent effect of this dress. But in any case, this model of dress makes any woman desirable.

5 – Black Luxurious Floral Jumpsuit

In an elegant and sexy spirit at the same time, here is a jumpsuit that has the power to seduce the partner of your choice. With a fishnet suspender effect and the superb embroidery that accompanies this outfit, it’s hard to resist the temptation. Especially since this dress is open at the crotch to reveal the underwear or not.

Also made of nylon and elastane, this sensual outfit will suit all body types. Whether you are petite, tall, curvy or slim, this sexy jumpsuit will fit your curves perfectly. You will have unforgettable moments, that’s for sure!

6 – Glam Fever Set

Here is a sexy two-piece lingerie set to sculpt your curves and make you more attractive than ever. You will find a very fine thong at the back accompanied by fine lace and straps that intersect below the navel. For the bra, the sexy straps and embroidered lace highlight the breasts to heighten desire.

This lingerie set is also suitable for all women thanks to its elastane and nylon material. One size fits all. For your libertine evenings or for moments to share in private, you will be perfect.

7 – Body Deep Pleasure

In outfits to wear for libertine evenings, this semi-transparent bodysuit will create a “Wow!” effect. Very indented on the front and back of your body, we will burn with desire to untie the straps on the side to remove the outfit. And with this extremely plunging neckline, you will raise the desire of your partners in a flash.

If you care about your measurements, no worries. Indeed, its synthetic material is ultra flexible and makes it suitable for sizes S, M and L. The bodysuit is very easy to put on and take off. You just have to pass your head and legs through the openings provided for this purpose and tighten or loosen the straps on the side.

8 – Xmas Santas Christmas Set

What if you turned into a very sexy Mrs. Claus? To add a bit of fantasy or to match the end of the year celebrations which are fast approaching, here is a very cute set with a bra and its soft fur and a very naughty thong. This lingerie set will advantageously emphasize your breasts and your buttocks.

This sexy Mrs. Claus set only comes in one size too. Which is perfect to suit all women. It is important to mention that the beanie is not included, but if you want to stick a little more to the theme, you can always get one.

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