Arrange a Feng Shui room

Feng Shui allows you to arrange your home in an optimal way. The principle of this decoration is to promote the free flow of Chi, or positive vital energy, as well as the balance of Yin and Yang. To adopt it in your bedroom, your layout will consist of decluttering the space and optimizing storage. Lean your bed against a wall that has no opening or furniture corner. Avoid installing it facing the door or window or below a beam.

If it is a room for a couple, double the equipment that makes up the room. Buy two bedside tables and two bedside lamps, for example. In a Feng Shui room, the mirror, the television and the plants are to be avoided.

Create a Feng Shui living room

Feng Shui is an art that you can adopt in all rooms of your home. To enjoy a zen and calm atmosphere in your living room, you must ensure that it is bathed in natural light all day long. The lights must also be multiplied to enjoy a relaxing atmosphere in the evening. When it comes to furniture layout, opt for a square or rectangular layout. The sofa will be placed against the wall and facing the entrance. The west side of the room will be occupied by high-tech appliances while the east will host the dining area.

Declutter the remaining space in your living room as in your bedroom. On the color side, make sure that bright colors are in harmony with soft hues to maintain the balance of Yin and Yang. Round-shaped furniture, mirrors and storage easily find their place in a Feng Shui living room.

Arrange a Feng Shui kitchen

Contrary to popular belief, the Feng Shui layout is not only reserved for the bedroom and the living room. Indeed, it can easily be adopted in the kitchen, a living room in its own right. Indeed, it can be both a practical and friendly place. To arrange a Feng Shui decoration in this room, choose a configuration of kitchen furniture favoring the fluidity of circulation. The central island is not recommended since it increases the size and has protruding edges. In the kitchen, fire and water must coexist. On the other hand, to preserve balance, avoid placing your oven near your sink or refrigerator. On the color side, favor light and natural shades. Bright colors can be integrated into the decoration, but only in small touches.

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