It took him strength of character to overcome the criticisms. In the early 1990s, Laetitia Casta saw her life change. Spotted on a Corsican beach when she was only a teenager, she was propelled into the world of modeling. And if she made a career there for many years, he did not open his arms to her directly … “In the world of fashion, I was not in the standards. While I had nothing asked! I arrived with what I was and I thought it was very good. And at that moment, something had to be defended. It was not planned, but I defended it “, she remembered on the set of Quotidien, this Monday, January 10, evoking her forms which were then not the norm in the trade. When she was only 15 years old, Laetitia Casta had to swallow the terrible remarks of the Yves Saint Laurent team.

“They looked at me and they said: ‘But how are we going to dress that?’, Said Laetitia Casta, still shocked by such a remark. I was there, in front of me. But they did not know that I ‘was French. I remember very well, I was 15 and a half years old, and I said to them:’ I will never go to this awful place again. I will not go again! ‘”But life wanted it. other. Years later, Laetitia Casta agreed to parade for the creator, but on her terms. “I went there, but I said to them: ‘Alright, but I won’t put on a white blouse, I don’t want a bun and I don’t want lipstick,’ she said in Daily. As Mr. Saint Laurent wanted to see me, they answered: ‘Ah, very well, there is no problem.’ I arrived, he was there in front of me, and there, my heart began to beat very hard. And it was a beautiful love story that started between us. “

Laetitia Casta: “I became a woman in Yves Saint Laurent”

At the time, Laetitia Casta discovered a man of “sickly shyness”, as she told Télérama: “We both had our heads down. Then he picked her up, looked at me and me. said: how beautiful you are! (…) Our collaboration began from this mutual love at first sight “. For years indeed, Laetitia Casta then became the muse of Yves Saint Laurent. In the columns of Paris Match a few years ago, the one he nicknamed his “bird of paradise” confided in their special relationship. “He liked women as subjects, not coat-rack models. I became a woman in Yves Saint Laurent”, described the mother of four children. And if she has changed by collaborating with the designer, Yves Saint Laurent has also made his work evolve by working with her. Together, they offered several parades and legendary outfits.

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