For more than 70 years, the body of Father René Delamare has rested in the church of Saint-Pierre d’Incarville in the Eure. But now a legend attracts more and more ghost hunters. Already in 1970, cries and snoring would be heard by visitors. For more than a year, the curious will thus go to the building. But a rational explanation will calm the ardor of these curious: a nocturnal bird would be responsible. But not enough to stop ghost hunters.

Two men will thus place an infrared camera within the church: “We want to go to places where there is paranormal activity to capture sounds or images to show those who do not want to believe that the ghosts exist. When you die, life is not necessarily over. There is something after!”, explains one of them. They are convinced, something paranormal is brewing: “He is buried in the church. So his spirit is necessarily present. We do not know the causes of his death but if his spirit comes back, it means he thinks that he still has something to do. Perhaps for spiritual reasons. To find out, we would have to be able to enter the church at night and ask him the question. Perhaps he will answer us .”

The two ghost hunters want to get in touch with the soul of the priest

But the two ghost hunters are faced with numerous refusals from the town hall. “Unfortunately, we are not taken seriously. And as we are a new association, people do not know us so it is difficult for us to obtain authorizations”. But enough to discourage them. They will try everything to get in touch with the soul of this priest.

HOUSES OF HORROR. The specter of a priest dead for 70 years panics ghost hunters

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