An attraction considered by some to be “the scariest haunted house in America”… Founded by Russ McKamey and Carol Shultz, McKamey Manor is a house of horror famous for its violence towards its guests, forced to sign a waiver of responsibility to be able to enter it. On his website, the owner of the premises specified: “This is not the haunted house you are used to!” And for good reason, the more daring find themselves face to face with frightening actors and can undergo unwanted haircuts, bathe in fake blood, be immersed in stale water, force to eat and drink unknown substances, be bound, gagged, or subjected to other forms of torture.

In order to try the experience, it is mandatory to sign a 40-page declaration in which the guests authorize having their teeth pulled, their heads shaved or even getting a tattoo. In February 2018, for Nashville Scene, Russ McKamey said: “The participant is informed that if he is chosen for the visit to the barber, he can leave the mansion completely bald, eyebrows included. The participant is informed that trappings mice are used and can lead to bruising or broken fingers.” In addition, guests of McKamey Manor agree to be exposed to extreme temperatures, but also to have their hands and feet tied.

What are the conditions of participation?

If people wishing to visit this house of horror must file a declaration, they must also be over 21 years old. Teenagers between the ages of 18 and 20 can participate if they have parental consent. In order to avoid serious accidents, a paramedic is always present. In addition, participants must come to McKamey Manor with a medical letter regarding their health and mental state. While his establishment had created controversy, Russ McKamey had assured: “People can have bumps, bruises, sprains and cuts. But you can also die at Disneyland.”

HOUSES OF HORROR. Release to be signed and torture… This "attraction" as terrifying as it is out of the ordinary

House of Horror © Pixabay

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