James Phelps and Timothy Norton are accused of kidnapping Cassidy Rainwater, a 33-year-old woman who has been missing since July 24. James Phelps was arrested on September 16, after investigators found photos in his phone showing Cassidy half-naked, locked in a cage at her captor’s home in Missouri (United States). Four days later, the police also arrest Timothy Norton for complicity.

But Monday, October 4, the house where the young woman was reportedly captive was burned. As The Sun reports, several firefighters had to intervene at the scene of the tragedy to overcome the flames. Within 48 hours, there was nothing left of the terrible house, except piles of smoking centers. According to the first elements of the investigation, the fire could have been started by an explosive device.

What Really Happened to Cassidy Rainwater?

Cassidy Rainwater has not given any sign of life since July 24. The investigation into his disappearance was not launched until a month later, on August 25. A few days later, the FBI received an anonymous information according to which the 33-year-old woman would be held prisoner at James Phelps. This is where the strange photos of a naked woman in a cage are found on the phone of the fifty-something, immediately arrested. His house is searched, but the police find no evidence.

During his questioning, James Phelps claimed that the woman left her home in the middle of the night a month ago and that he had never seen her again. Timothy Norton, a friend of James Phelps, is then arrested for complicity and quickly admits that he had helped the latter to keep Cassidy at his home last July. But while the two men are incarcerated, a house rented by James Phelps is burnt down on October 4. Was Cassidy locked up there? For now, the young woman is still untraceable.

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