On Thursday, March 31, the theme of It starts today focused on erotomania. Guillaume had then come to testify, since he has suffered for 4 years the persecution of a person suffering from this disease.

The young man then made chilling remarks and was very touched by what he has been living for years now: “I had different fears. I had the fear of being followed first, the fear for my relatives or for my partner necessarily, since she was extremely jealous of the people I was with, who were also attacked, bitten, kicked, finally everything. he confided, before continuing: “I heard from her while I was backstage. It was friends of mine who warned me because everyone knows my story around me. And people who know me tell me when they see her. Recently I was in Rajasthan, four days ago and there she is exactly where I was four days ago. So the story goes carries on as if nothing had happened to this day.” he expressed himself.

“She was convinced that I was the reincarnation of this divinity”

Guillaume then explained how the story began: “At the beginning, her attraction was centered on the artistic things that I did. So she wanted me to teach her to do things that I did, she asked me for advice for her shows, things like that. She started calling me Shiva (god in Hindu mythology editor’s note) and started telling me that she was convinced that she was Shakti, the wife of Shiva in this mythology She was convinced that I was the reincarnation of this divinity.”

The young man then claims to have quickly understood that something was wrong with the behavior of this woman: “In the first months, I saw that there was something abnormal. I can even say exactly the day where I saw phase 2 coming from erotomania which is in 3 phases as you said. At the beginning, you say to yourself, it’s just someone who appreciates artistic work, which is a little swelling, so we try to be nice. And then after a while, we see that the insistence is a degree that is much higher than in ordinary cases. So, there, I wondered. he explained, before concluding: “I even believe that it was my mother who first told me: ‘That’s erotomania.’ Afterwards, indeed, I did my research, I learned a lot. Sometimes I have the impression that it’s… The person who is erotomaniac has a kind of entity that is inside “She like a kind of monster. And this monster, finally, it comes inside of us. I dreamed nights and nights that I killed her.”

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