He will see his live companion for the last time on Facetime. Hospitalized for a few days, Allison Lawlor, 49, had lost her memory. Which is a common situation for Paul Gallacher, his partner. Indeed, Allison Lawlor had been suffering from a functional neurological disorder for a long time, reports the Liverpool Echo, quoted by Mirror in its October 19, 2022 article. On the night of July 24 this year, Allison Lawlor, from Woolton, spoke with Paul through a video call. She had announced to her partner that she “was better”. Allison Lawlor had been unable to make such a call during the week of her hospitalization.

An hour after receiving the call from his companion, Paul Gallacher receives another call. This last call brings him devastating news. Paul then learns that his companion has “gone badly”. The doctors then announce to Paul that Allison Lawlor died due to a pulmonary embolism and that she had also suffered brain damage. Paul had planned to visit his partner in the hospital the day after the call, but he would not see his partner alive again.

She had long suffered from a devastating illness

A few years after getting married, Allison began to suffer from non-epileptic seizures. She also felt an almost complete numbness in her body. Paul says his partner couldn’t eat, drink or go to the toilet without help. After many trips to the hospital and consultations with a few specialists, Allison was finally diagnosed with a functional neurological disorder. According to Paul, who currently lives in Allerton, Allison was “a very kind person with a beautiful heart who did everything she could to help others”.

Hospitalized, she wishes a good evening in video to her companion … He will not see her alive again

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