Georgina Masson, 24, attributes her swallowing problems to a “simple” infection of the tonsils in the throat. A virus among others… Or almost! However, treatment with antibiotics is not enough to remedy this disabling problem. Worse: Georgina now has trouble opening her mouth. Head to East Surrey Hospital in Redhill, England, where she was subjected to all kinds of tests for a week. The verdict falls in August 2021: the little sore throat is actually acute myeloid leukemia (AML). The young Brit can’t help but think of her father, Paul, who died of cancer nine years earlier at the age of 54.

Georgina does not wait a second to take the lead. The day after her diagnosis, she rushes to start a new treatment. Some eight cycles of chemotherapy later, here she is happy to have been able to detect a potentially fatal disease in time. “It was terrifying, especially after losing my father when I was 15,” she told the Mirror. “I didn’t expect to have cancer at 24. I really thought I had a sore throat, but it turned out to be much worse. An administrative employee, Georgina will always remember this descent into hell.

When a simple sore throat becomes a deadly disease

In July 2021, Georgina begins to notice that she is losing some weight. A bargain for the summer season! “It didn’t seem worrying.” Then the girl notices that her gums bleed much more easily than before. Bruises also form faster on his skin. Consequences of his clumsiness? The drug treatment “did not seem to be working”. What can we conclude from the “horrible red eruption all over [his] body”? A bone marrow biopsy can diagnose myeloid leukemia. Georgina must immediately start chemotherapy. “Everything was so fast,” she comments today. His chemotherapy reportedly ended last month.

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