For Hoshi, it was obvious. When W9 contacted her to participate in the program All the women of your life, this Thursday, December 30, the singer did not hesitate on the identity of the person she was going to celebrate. The interpreter of Ta Marinière wanted to pay tribute to his companion, Gia. “My life took on a meaning the day I met her. We live together, we work together. She manages my career. She embellishes my life, so obviously it’s my life and her name is Gia,” said Hoshi, facing the camera. People should know that I can sing every night and be happy because of her. ” To honor her sweetheart, Gia overcame her fear and decided to accompany her on stage to perform a very important title in their eyes, And even after I will love you.

“I chose this song because we wrote it together. It’s love,” Hoshi said with tears in her eyes. “This woman has changed my life, it’s thanks to her. Tonight. , I really want to say thank you to him for all that. ” On stage, the two women offered viewers a very touching performance, filled with love and mutual admiration. It must be said that this song means a lot. “This is the first time that I say I love you in music (…) It was cool to write this song with the person that I love, it makes doubly sense”, said the artist in the documentary Etoile flippante, before evoking the criticisms, in particular those of Fabien Lecoeuvre: “It was too good to release this title first especially after all the hatred that I took for love precisely”.

Hoshi: “It was love at first sight”

In this report, Hoshi recounted having met Gia “via the singer of Superbus who is a very close friend, Jennifer Ayache”. And immediately between the two women, “it was love at first sight, love at first sight”: “Before Gia, all my relationships led nowhere. It was beautiful, simple, it was following me . There was something missing in my life, it was her “. Since then, Gia “shares [the] life” of Hoshi, but not only. She has indeed become his manager. “I needed a real manager, someone who is there with me all the time, said the artist, suffering from a crippling disease. I needed someone who supports me and pulls me up. because this Ménière’s disease is not easy to live with on a daily basis. It plays its role perfectly and has taken me further than where I wanted to go. “

Hoshi and Gia © W9

Lara T.
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