On March 28, 2022, a passerby found human remains in a garbage bag left on a sidewalk in Leslieville, Toronto. It turns out to be the dismembered body of Tien Ly, a 46-year-old manicurist. The perpetrator of this horrific crime is none other than the victim’s 20-year-old son. Dallas Ly, the son of Tien Ly, is recognized as being the author of this appalling matricide. Paris Match indicated that the young murderer was charged on Sunday April 3, 2022 morning. “Investigators said last Tuesday that the death of the victim had been considered a homicide following the results of the autopsy, specifies Paris Match.

Police attempted to identify the victim using the specific nail polish she had on and the dress she was wearing. She then proceeded to call for witnesses which resulted in the launch of the report of Dallas Ly, the son of Tien Ly. The police also proceeded to search the victim’s home. Eventually, the search led to the arrest of the victim’s son, who is only 20 years old. The day after his arrest, Dallas Ly was charged with the second degree murder of his own mother.

No motive has been disclosed.

We do not know more about this macabre murder which takes place in Toronto. Tien Ly, a 46-year-old manicurist, had just opened her business in the Yorkville area. Relatives of Tien Ly spoke to CP24 Toronto. The latter said that Tien Ly was a woman who particularly adored her son. Tien Ly’s relatives also explained that she was a hard-working woman and that she had just opened her business a few months ago. The reasons for his murder by his son have not been revealed.

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