La Lucia beach in Durban, off the coast of South Africa, witnessed a horror scene on Friday April 1st. Indeed, a walker on the beach discovered the shredded body of a swimmer. Part of the upper right arm as well as the right chest were missing from the corpse. Numerous shark bites were also found on the body, according to The Sun. A diagnosis that was issued by doctors, according to the media. The body of another swimmer was also seen. Only, he was swept away by the current long before the arrival of the emergency services on the spot.

The alert was issued around 4:30 p.m. on Friday April 1, according to the statement of Shawn Herbst, spokesperson for Netcare 911. “Although authorities will determine the exact cause of death, it is believed that the deceased was predated following a drowning,” he said. “Reports indicate that while walking on the beach, a man came across the decomposing body of an adult male, face down, amidst a pile of debris,” according to the insider.

Great white sharks wreak havoc

Shawn Herbst elaborated on the case further, saying: “When doctors turned the body over for examination, they found that part of the right upper arm and right chest were missing, with multiple bite marks. clearly visible sharks”. He also confirmed that the body had indeed been handed over to the police for the purposes of the investigation.

This case comes after the death of a bodybuilder, killed by a great white shark. The beast had a 16 inch jaw. The victim was bitten so hard that his skull was crushed. Besides, the shark left a tooth. The victim, Tomas Butterfield, 42, was bitten in the head, chest and shoulder when he died last Christmas Eve, according to The Sun. His corpse was discovered by a surfer while still attached to his board.

Horrifying discoveries! A great white shark causes carnage in Durban © Pexels

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