The small town of Doncaster, Yorkshire, is in shock. A few days ago, a resident made a horrifying discovery in the house of his neighbors. After his partner claimed to have seen a baby on the property next to theirs, Darnell Jackson rushed there, according to the Mirror. At 23, he came across a horror scene: the corpse of a baby. “I thought she had to tell the truth, but I had to go check it out for myself,” he said, still in shock. On the phone, Carol said to me: ‘There’s a baby dead ‘and that’s when she hung up. ” His companion immediately contacted the police while Darnell sped off to his neighbors.

“I saw the Herons plastic bag that had been taken out of the freezer,” the 23-year-old dad recalled. I literally grabbed the bag to take a look and was able to instantly to say it was a dead baby because Carol and I had just had our own baby girl, so I knew there was no doubt in my mind. ” Immediately, Darnell understood what was in that plastic bag. “The baby was in a fetal position. You could see the skin was frozen, there was a lot of frost on his legs,” the Briton described, horrified. I was shocked and speechless. I work at the local Herons supermarket just in in front of us and I immediately recognized the bag. “

Police arrested two people

“I was traumatized by what I saw and had to come home and see my own baby, Ivy Marie Jackson,” his partner told the Mirror. Emergency services were called around noon and declared the baby dead. “This is an extremely tragic case and I know that the local community, and those beyond, will be very upset to learn what happened, responded a police officer. At present, our investigation on the circumstances surrounding the baby’s death is still in its early stages and we ask the public not to speculate on the matter. ” A 17-year-old girl and a 45-year-old woman were arrested on suspicion of murder and remain in detention.

Drama in England © Pexels

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