Rafaela Alves dos Santos, 24, a trainee nurse, had left Santa Luzia do Itanhy, in Brazil’s impoverished northeast, for a better life. She moved to Perdizes with her older sister and two cousins. Rafaela worked in a factory that makes fries for supermarkets, says the Mirror. On November 17, 2022, while she was sorting potatoes on a conveyor belt, the latter first stopped before suddenly restarting. The conveyor belt leads the potatoes to the crusher which cuts them and transforms them into fries.

Rafaela Alves dos Santos suffered a horrific death that must have traumatized the worker who witnessed the incident. According to this witness, the young woman fell on the conveyor belt carrying the potatoes to be cut into fries. According to another worker from the Bem Brasil Alimentos factory, the treadmill started moving on its own and went off at high speed. Although Rafaela did not die cut by the blades of the potato crusher, her death is no less gruesome.

She is driven by the treadmill which has inexplicably panicked

The young trainee nurse in search of a better life curiously ends her life with her head crushed by the motor support of a potato crusher. The co-worker who stood next to her as she sorted the potatoes explains that the belt had stopped, but then it suddenly restarted automatically, dragging Rafaela at high speed towards the motor support . It was the engine mount that caused Rafaela significant head trauma. Which also caused his death.

Horrible ! She dies horribly in a machine to cut potatoes into fries

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