This unfortunate accident happened while visiting the Svarmet factory in Borisov, Belarus. The victim, Umida Nazarova, was only 21 years old and 7 weeks pregnant. The mother-to-be was present at the factory as part of a job interview. An interview that will not end in the best way for Umida Nazarova.

Indeed, the young woman’s long hair got caught in a machine that tore her scalp, according to sources from Mirror. Her hair wrapped around her neck and strangled her. A horrible scene that should only be seen in horror movies. Unfortunately, the young woman died 20 days later in hospital. Basically, Umida Nazarova was a saleswoman who just wanted to change her field of activity. This prompted her to apply for the Svarmet factory, which produces welding wires and electrodes.

Safety rules were not followed

The bereaved family confided in the Mirror on the circumstances of the death of the young woman. “Her throat was injured, according to the doctor. Despite this, she suffered fatal injuries and never regained consciousness,” said her mother, Olga. For his part, his father Dmitry said that safety rules were not followed. “They took two lives, she was seven weeks pregnant.” “They saw she had long hair, so why didn’t they give her something to cover it up?” he said.

The authorities in charge of the investigation also spoke about the incident. “An employee, who was showing him the operation of the equipment, paused to make an entry in a register,” the Investigation Committee said. The factory paid for Umida Nazarova’s funeral as an apology. At the same time, a court sentenced a customary production manager for “failure to perform official duties due to a dishonest and negligent attitude…causing the death of a person”.

Umida Nazarova © The Mirror

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