This is one of the most horrific deaths possible. While she had decided to swim in a very popular seaside resort in Egypt, a 68-year-old tourist was fatally attacked by a shark. On the beach, many families witnessed the scene, totally shocked. The 60-year-old died in the ambulance, after seeing her leg and arm ripped off by the starving creature.

Videos later swirled around social media showing the tourist desperately swimming back to shore after ‘losing two of her limbs’ in front of horrified families who were screaming in terror. The unfortunate deceased is a 68-year-old Austrian woman. Many tourists then complained to the police to point the finger at the fact that there was no lifeguard on the beach.

Many people were present at the time of the events.

The testimonies are chilling: “There was no lifeguard, no one to help her. The shark grabbed her and twisted her in all directions. She was covered in blood”. According to the police report, several swimmers rushed out of the water when they noticed the victim was being attacked by the shark. The incident happened in Sahl Hasheesh, a popular bay on Egypt’s Red Sea coast near Hurghada. A psychological cell was logically opened.

A tourist killed by a shark © Pexels


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