Saturday September 25, at the end of the day, a young couple hitchhikes in the town of Sénas, in the Bouches-du-Rhône. The two young people in their twenties end up getting into a man’s car, who at first pretends to drive them wherever they want. But after a few minutes, he stops on a dirt road and threatens the lovers. Le Figaro relates these despicable facts.

A gun pointed in their direction, the two young people are stripped of their belongings. But the individual does not stop there and the nightmare continues. He orders the young man to lie down on the floor, and the young woman to give him a blowjob under the gaze of her boyfriend. Determined to finish what he started, the man rapes the young girl and abandons the couple, in shock, by the side of the road.

An individual in his thirties indicted

Alerted by the victims, the gendarmes immediately set out in search of their executioner. About forty soldiers from the gendarmerie are mobilized to identify the suspect and CCTV images quickly allow valuable information to be gathered. Four days later, the respondent was identified and then arrested at his home. According to Le Figaro, the man comes from the community of Travelers and is around thirty years old. He was incarnated for the charges against him and confessed his crime. He will be heard again by the judge in the coming days for “rape and extortion at the threat of a weapon” as well as “willful violence resulting in incapacity for work of less than 8 days”.

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