Annoyed that his wife leaves their son unattended, a dad did not hesitate to kidnap him to teach him a good lesson.

“My wife has a horrible habit that I discovered two months ago.” This is how a man, who preferred to remain anonymous, began his story on the Reddit forum. The dad explained that his wife did not hesitate to leave their son alone and unattended in the car when she went shopping. “I told her that I was not comfortable with it but she replied that she had been doing it since birth and that there had never been any problems. She explained to me that “she left him alone when she went to buy food, at the post office or at the pharmacy etc. I was shocked. We don’t live in a neighborhood that sucks but in any case, it’s not very careful” he entrusted, specifying that his half had promised to stop.

Unfortunately for the father, his partner did not keep his promise: “I saw his car at the gas station near our house but when I parked next to it, I saw our son in his seat. -auto. The vehicle wasn’t even locked.” Furious, the father decided to teach his wife a good lesson by making her believe that their child had been kidnapped: “I took my son and I put him in my car. I hid and I waited for my wife to come out. She didn’t come back until after SIX MINUTES.” If the mother panicked and cried, her husband quickly showed up but the tension quickly mounted: “I told her she was irresponsible and she told me that my gesture was cruel.” The couple went their separate ways and ignored each other for the rest of the evening.

A deeper malaise discovered

A few hours later, the man returned to the forum to give a conclusion to his story: “I spoke with my wife this morning and apologized. However, I told her that I was not sorry to care about our son’s safety. In my eyes, she needed a click. She apologized to me for lying and doing this dangerous practice again.” Not understanding why his partner was so flippant about leaving their baby unattended, the father suggested she may be suffering from postpartum depression. “She burst into tears asking what was wrong with her,” he added. In the end, the mother of the family agreed to seek psychological help. While waiting to see more clearly, the couple now does their shopping together.

His wife leaves their child unattended he kidnaps him to teach him a lesson ©

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