When a couple welcomes a child, they are usually delighted with the birth of their baby. Everything else becomes incidental, especially if it is a first child. But for a new mother, things were radically different.

Online, the angry mother came to explain that her husband refused to pay the medical costs relating to the birth, considering that it was only up to her to take full charge of his last.

A long birth

Shocked and furious, an anonymous mother shared her anger on a Reddit forum after her husband refused to contribute to the medical costs relating to the birth of their first child and amounting to 7,463 euros after paying their insurance. She explained: “Throughout my entire pregnancy, I planned to give birth naturally with as little intervention as possible.” But when she enters the 24th hour of labour, she asks for an epidural. “My husband had no problem with it, he even encouraged it,” she added.

A luxurious request

However, when the couple, who normally share the costs, receive the bill, her husband feels that she has to pay for it in full, for some pretty incredible reason. “You couldn’t last a few more hours with all your meds and an extra night,” he told her then, saying that if she “wanted luxury” she should “expect to pay for it.” that “. “He refuses to move calling me ‘Princess’ to wait for him to pay these ‘additional costs'” she confided, stunned.

A deep disagreement

Now, the new mother plans to leave her husband. “This is by far the biggest problem in our 14 year relationship so far and I really don’t know where to go from here,” she noted. Feeling “blessed” to not have to worry about money, she said “I gave in and paid the bill but since then we haven’t spoken much and honestly I find it disrespectful”. She is not the only one since thousands of readers were horrified by the attitude of the father when his message was taken up on Twitter.

A disrespectful husband

“Clearly, your marriage is over. You need every physical and emotional support, I am heartbroken for you,” one person wrote. “For me, the worst is not her refusal, it is the insults about the fact that she could not hold on and that she is a princess” noted a second. “It’s a total lack of respect which is indicative of a much bigger problem,” she added. Finally, a final remarked: “The husband seems like a good asshole but the biggest problem is that American health care makes people pay to have babies”.

His wife has just given birth, he refuses to pay half of the medical bills


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