A British woman holidaying on the Greek island of Corfu has told local police she was the victim of rape. Very early, on Sunday May 15, 2022, the tourist shows up at the police station in “poor condition”. She gave the description of her alleged rapist and searches led to the arrest of a 40-year-old man. According to Greek media Protothema.gr, the British woman recognized her attacker when he was presented to her at the post.

In his statement, the 40-year-old said he did not commit rape. He claims the sex was consensual. According to the same Greek media, the guilt of the alleged rapist was yet to be established by a forensic examination which was to be carried out on May 16. The alleged attacker was being held in police custody pending proceedings against him.

The British tourist was raped after a night out with her boyfriend

The British tourist had not come to Corfu alone. In fact, she was accompanied by her boyfriend, according to the Daily Mail article of May 17, 2022. “A police source told Sun Online that the woman was on holiday with her boyfriend in North Corfu,” says the British daily. The article also states that the couple returned to their hotel, whose name is not mentioned, after a night out.

According to a police source, when the British woman woke up, the man was on top of her. The description she provided to the police station at dawn on May 15 identified her alleged rapist. The 40-year-old man, alleged rapist, is none other than a hotel employee, reports the Daily Mail.

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