Can one refuse to attend a wedding on such a fallacious pretext as the lack of alcohol? It would seem that this absence is, for a man, a sufficient reason to cancel his visit. In any case, this is what his wife says anonymously online.

On a Reddit forum, a woman confided in her partner’s bad reaction when she learned that her younger sister was planning to have an alcohol-free marriage, claiming that he “hates attending noisy events alcohol-free “. This created many tensions and questions.

A tense discussion

Addressing the subject with the future bride of a possible exception for her husband, she told him that she would not change her mind. Indeed, her future husband having struggled with alcoholism, both prefer to keep any alcoholic substance away from the reception on this very special day. A little reaction to the husband’s liking. “He came into the discussion and said, ‘If the homie is afraid of having alcohol around, then he’s not mature enough to get married,'” she wrote.

Two disclaimers

The situation only escalated. “My sister argued with him and told him it was her wedding and that of her fiancé. My husband was like, “Okay, no pressure” and then decided not to go,” she confided. Now, worried about the turn things were taking, she also decided not to be present that day. “My sister got mad and said I was unfair to want to miss her wedding for no good reason,” she said. Her parents also get involved, chastising her decision and saying her sister won’t forget her absence.

A selfish and childish reaction

Asking the opinion of other members of the forum, many people were concerned about the attitude of her husband towards a person struggling with alcohol. “If your husband can’t get through an event without alcohol, then your sister isn’t the only one with a partner who has a problem with the substance,” one person noted. “Maybe your husband should take care of it,” she added. A second claimed: “You and your husband chose to throw a tantrum and your motive is as ridiculous as it is selfish. You are incredibly childish”.

His sister plans a wedding without alcohol, her husband refuses to attend


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