She thought she would find the line and the form, she is now fighting to stay alive. At 45, Pinky Jolley had chosen to travel to Istanbul, Turkey to undergo gastric sleeve surgery to get rid of her size 52.

Indeed, doctors regularly expressed to the 40-year-old their concerns about her 112 kilos after serious medical complications left her in a wheelchair. But the operation did not go as Pinky hoped…

A collection for its operation

After four years on the NHS (National Heath Service) waiting lists, Pinky, tired, had decided to create a “GoFundMe” page to allow her “to have a future” by having gastric sleeve surgery. This operation aimed to reduce the size of the stomach by 85%, thus allowing him to quickly lose several pounds without risking regaining them. Quickly, she collects the 2,245 euros needed to fly to Turkey in November 2022.

Dangerous Complications

Despite some concerns upon her arrival about this invasive procedure, Pinky is determined to continue with the process. Two hours are needed for the operation which, unfortunately, leaves Pinky with myriad complications. Very quickly, she experiences intense abdominal pain, vomiting and constant dehydration. In December 2022, Pinky returns to England. On the spot, his general practitioner urges him to go immediately to the hospital.

Concrete organs

In the emergency room of Arrow Park Hospital, doctors discover a serious leak in Pinky’s body, the intervention having led to an infection transforming her internal organs into “concrete”. “I felt misled and upset that something that was supposed to help me caused me so much pain,” she told the Mirror newspaper. “I lost 25 kilos in four weeks because my stomach is tiny,” she said. “I wanted to lose 50 in two years” she underlined however.

A failed operation

Pinky has a tube inserted to help her eat but suffers every second. “After almost dying, I wished I had never had a gastric sleeve,” she confessed. “They totally missed the operation and left my insides so infected that they were all hard as concrete, the doctors told me,” she continued bewildered. Looking back, Pinky regrets her hasty decision that should have changed her life.

Lucky to be alive

In an attempt to help him, painful procedures had to be carried out by the doctors. Pinky then triggers, in January 2023, sepsis which she fights for more than a month. Finally allowed to return home, the young woman has still not been able to eat solid food for fear of a new infection and must now rely on a tube to be fed. Pinky, who now weighs 82 kilos, admits she is “lucky to be alive” but would like to warn others against carrying out similar procedures at reduced prices. “No one should have to go through this pain. I lost so much weight but that’s not how I wanted it to happen.

His organs turn to concrete after a failed surgery


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