If there’s one mistake you shouldn’t make, it’s this one! When declaring the birth of his daughter on official civil status documents, a father accidentally misspelled the first name they had chosen.

Unfortunately for his daughter, by writing her first name, Chloé, with a mistake, her father led the young girl into an infernal spiral of mistakes and mockery…

An impossible first name

Tired, she wanted to set the record straight on her social networks. In a short video uploaded to her TikTok account, a young woman explained the error hovering over her birth certificate. Named Chloé, she is however rarely called that, her father having made a mistake in spelling her first name on official documents. To a user who asked her how to pronounce her first name, “Chole” because it seemed to her “impossible that it is your name”, she thus returned to this story.

A common mistake

“Yes, my name is C-hole, or coal, chole, whatever you want to pronounce it,” she said. Chloe then said, “Actually, this is the second most common spelling mistake in the hospital. My dad spelled it wrong on the birth certificate, and it was never updated.” Commenting on her video, shocked by Chloe/Chole’s explanation, other followers were quick to share a similar experience. “My dad also misspelled Chloe as Chole on my birth certificate,” laughed another woman. “I will NEVER understand how people misspell Chloe when you clearly pronounce the ‘l’ before the ‘o’. It’s been driving me crazy all my life,” wrote for a second. A third person, correctly named “Chloe”, wrote, in conclusion “Everyone spells it wrong! Like Chole! It’s crazy ! “.

His father spelled his name wrong on his birth certificate and now it's a dirty word


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