For couples, the wedding is supposed to be one of the happiest days of their lives. But the planning process can quickly lead to a lot of stress as well as multiple disagreements within families.

A future bride now finds herself faced with a real dilemma. Her father, who initially planned to pay for the whole wedding, now refuses to do so if the latter is not completely vegan. Upset, she hesitates to uninvite him.

A permanent judgment

Speaking to a Reddit forum, anonymously, the 30-year-old bride-to-be explained that this whole story started five years ago when her father started a relationship with a woman “with pretty extreme opinions”. “She is vegan and very critical of the way I live,” she commented. After explaining certain “habits” of her father’s companion such as “burying chicken bones in the garden to give them a proper funeral”, she broached the subject of financing her marriage.

Too many demands

“Long story short, my dad will only pay for my wedding if he’s vegan,” she noted. “This includes not only food but shoes, alcohol, what other people are wearing (e.g. leather) and anything else you can think of,” she said. If she admits to agreeing that the meal is vegan, she does not accept having to control what her guests will wear or the food they will give to their babies “even formula milk”.

Unacceptable behavior

“It shocked me,” she admitted. “It’s not really about the money. Anyway, we have a cheap little deal,” she explained. Other problems arise, leading him to doubt. “This woman was also extremely rude to my mother. After reflection, I decided that it was better that they did not attend. According to the bride-to-be, her father’s companion does not hesitate to claim that this refusal relates to the question of money only.

Better for everyone

Explaining the situation further, she continued, “I don’t want to be controlled on what I can or can’t do on my wedding day. I’m sick of his judgment (and hers since she put her claws on him) and I just think it’ll be better for me, my siblings, and my mom if they don’t come.” She.

A legitimate refusal

In the responses, the bride-to-be received multiple supports, with many saying she was perfectly within her rights to disinvite them from her wedding. “I think you’re right because they can’t help but try to control everything and everyone,” one person commented. “It’s unbearable and you don’t need this headache for your wedding day,” she added. Many people also thought that she should try to explain herself to her father. “I will have a conversation with him. That you love him very much, that you would have liked him to be at the wedding but that this supervision is not correct, ”proposed one person. A final suggested: “I will invite my father but not his girlfriend. Explain to her the problems you have with her”.

His father refuses to finance his wedding if he is not vegan she disinvites him


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