A great white shark attacked her while she was surfing. The shark bit her right calf, but didn’t have time to tear her apart. Chantelle Doyle, 37, still nearly lost the use of her leg following this white shark attack near the beach in Port Macquarie, New South Wales, Australia. Chantelle Doyle got away with it thanks to the courage and responsiveness of her boyfriend, reports the Mirror in its article of October 2, 2022.

The attack of the white shark took place in August 2020 recalls the Mirror. Chantelle Doyle was surfing when suddenly the young white shark grabbed her calf. The terrifying shark attack knocked the surfer off her board. Mark Rapley, Chantelle Doyle’s boyfriend, came to her rescue. Mark jumped on the big shark’s back and pushed him back into the water, punching him in the face. The white shark was deterred by the relentlessness of Chantelle Doyle’s boyfriend and let go.

She took up boxing after the Great White Shark attack

Due to the terrifying bite of the shark, Chantelle suffered severe nerve damage to her left leg, reports the Mirror. It took two years of operations and rehabilitation for Chantelle to regain some use of her leg. But the movements and strength she has regained in two years do not satisfy her. “My leg is still partially paralyzed. I expected a lot more and I was really sick of feeling unable to function like I used to,” she told ABC television. She then stated that she started boxing and saw marked improvements in a short time.

His companion attacked by a shark, he avoids the worst with his bare hands!

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