A 34-year-old father, whose identity has not been released to ensure his family’s anonymity, has killed Oleg Sviridov, his 32-year-old best friend. The reason ? The Russian would have discovered videos of his childhood friend raping his 9-year-old little girl, while he had entrusted her with her for a few hours.

On August 25, the mother comes home from work and finds her husband fighting with Oleg. Beaten and bruised, the family friend manages to escape the house. Her husband, hysterical and trembling, hands her the cell phone that the thirty-something left behind. On the screen, a video starts. “You can’t imagine what I went through when I saw it,” the mother told The Sun. “I felt sick, I was dizzy and nauseous.” In the images, their little girl begs her attacker to come home. And she is not the only victim of the pedophile. In Oleg’s phone, other videos show that he also allegedly assaulted two other girls in the village, aged 5 and 8.

The next day, the couple leave to confront Oleg with another mom. “I wanted to hear Oleg’s remorse but he only said ‘I don’t know how I did it’,” says the girl’s mother. The couple then gives him an ultimatum: surrender to the police before 8 p.m., or kill themselves. “Let me say goodbye to my mom for a few hours and I’m all yours.” This is what the thirty-something replied. A little later in the evening, Oleg is taken by his friend into the forest. There, the father forces him to dig his own grave and stabs him to death before burying him.

The whole village supports the father of the family

Whoever is accused of murdering his best friend, meanwhile, is not giving exactly the same version of events. He confesses to having made Oleg dig a hole, only to scare him. And assures that the man would then have attacked him and that he had fallen on the knife in the fight. Then killing himself by accident. An investigation is underway.

Exceptionally and due to the horrific circumstances of the tragedy, the father was not remanded in custody despite the ongoing murder investigation. He faces up to 15 years in prison if found guilty, but the rest of the village intends to support him until the end. A petition has already been signed 2,500 times, and a lawyer has been funded with donations from those who thank him “for saving their children by ridding them of a sexual abuser.”

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