Rakesh Kumar Nagar, a 28-year-old Indian, had just married the woman he loved. That day, the young man was preparing for a job interview for the government. He was then, as usual, seated in his small room in the village of Udaipuria, in the district of Jaipur in India. But not everything went as planned.

An accident probably related to a power failure

“He was using his Bluetooth headset while it was plugged into an electrical outlet,” police told local media. The latter was precisely plugged into his phone, itself plugged into an electrical outlet in order to be recharged. But all of a sudden, the device explodes in his ears, and Rakesh Kumar Nagar falls from his chair.

When the emergency services find him, the young man is still unconscious, lying on the ground. Unable to resuscitate him, they transport him to the hospital center where the doctors declare him dead shortly after his arrival. Both ears suffered serious injuries, but the Indian boy died of a heart attack.

“It is not clear why the headphones suddenly exploded,” Indian law enforcement officials said. But according to the Phonandroïd website, the explosion may have happened due to a power surge, which can eventually occur after a power outage.

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