Kim McManus, a 40-year-old mother, and her daughter Autumn were to fly away for a dream vacation in Turkey on May 27, 2022. For the mother, this vacation was the first she was going to take in 7 years. For the little girl, it was quite simply her first vacation abroad. Kim and her daughter were queuing at Manchester Airport. While they waited, it was announced that due to overbooking, the flight had been delayed for five hours, according to the Liverpool Echo. Less than an hour later, the flight had simply been cancelled. Worse, later all vacation packages would be too.

“We had to arrive early due to traffic problems and then the flight was delayed for around five hours,” Kim told the Liverpool Echo. Because of the overbooking, airport staff “had asked people to volunteer not to fly, but without the guarantee of another flight the following week”, says Kim McManus. Everyone had waited another hour before being told over the loudspeaker that the flight was canceled because “the cabin crew had exceeded their allotted hours”.

Shocked, they had to go home, but the sequel was going to be even worse

Airport staff had advised disappointed travelers to return home, so Kim and her daughter Autumn did. “I left the airport and went home, but less than an hour later they had texted everyone saying your flight had been canceled and if you had booked a vacation package, your vacation had also been cancelled,” she said. Kim says she spent a sleepless night crying next to her daughter and thinking about how she was going to explain the vacation cancellation to her daughter. TUI, the supplier of the vacation packages apologized claiming “a combination of factors resulting in significant operational disruption”.

Kim McManus and Autumn © The Mirror

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