For several years, Hilona Gos and Julien Bert have lived a very eventful romantic relationship. Fans in the Rest of the World remember very well their numerous disputes broadcast on television. This Sunday, February 26, Hilona Gos posted a long video on her Youtube channel in which she accuses her former boyfriend of acts of physical and psychological violence. “I’ve been lying to myself for many years because of one person … it’s Julien”, she first told internet users before revealing that following an argument, Julien Bert would have strangled her. “His look changed, he had black eyes, he wasn’t the same person anymore. He raised his hand, he grabbed me, he strangled me. I couldn’t breathe, it only lasted a few seconds, the time he realizes”, she remembered, upset. Very serious revelations, which have been widely commented on. Additionally, Hilona Gos said she got pregnant twice. The first time she had a miscarriage and the second time she preferred to have an abortion. “I couldn’t see myself raising a child with someone so unstable,” she revealed, also remembering the many times Julien Bert would have insulted her. “You tramp, you’re nothing without me.. shut the fuck up, you bitch,” he allegedly told her. A video which, according to the words of the young woman, would not have the objective of “condemning Julien” nor of “victimizing” himself but simply of “telling a truth”. Hilona Gos was supported by netizens.

It is a very upset Hilona Gos that her fans were able to discover in a second video. This time, the young woman accuses Julien Bert of having defrauded her. According to his words, he would have spent all of the income of the company of the young woman. “We had gone to Mykonos. We had agreed that I would pay for the house, and he would pay the expenses there. Finally he paid the expenses there with our company. I was not aware,” she said. first revealed before adding: “He spent 100,000 euros. He emptied the accounts of the company”. After discovering everything, Hilona Gos would have asked her ex-boyfriend to reimburse everything, assuring that she was understanding and that he could do it “little by little”. Money that the young woman claims to have never recovered. A relationship that the main concerned describes as being “unhealthy” but in which she remained for several years, ensuring that she was under his influence. “I am silent because I am afraid of what he is going to do to me. Julien was never aware that he was violent”, continued Hilona Gos before adding: “He was never aware that he had hurt me”. Hilona Gos wanted to speak to tell her story, but she did not specify whether she intended to file a complaint. The young woman is very supported by Internet users but also by many reality TV candidates.

Julien Bert violent: did the young man react to the accusations against him?

Following the revelations of Hilona Gos, Internet users were impatiently waiting for Julien Bert to come out of silence in turn. On his Snapchat account, the reality TV candidate briefly spoke, citing accusations he described as “very serious”. He first explains: “I’m going to speak briefly, because I’ll do it a little better later. It’s so weird what’s going on… It’s when everything is going well in my life, that I also show myself fulfilled and happy on the networks, that all this comes out”, he regretted before adding that, according to him, Hilona Gos did it on purpose: “While you, you just made yourself leave. It’s very serious what you are doing!”. For the principal concerned, these accusations would be false. “I’m stunned, I slept badly. These are very serious accusations! I’ve read all the comments. With a connection and my phone, I can accuse anyone of anything,” he said. he continued before asking: “So, the first person who accuses someone, are we going to believe them?”. In addition, Julien Bert recalls that their relationship was complicated but he maintains that the young woman did not want to leave him. “She did everything to get back into this relationship, to get back with me. I was the father of her children. When you come out of a difficult relationship, you don’t move heaven and earth to get back in! She’s the best evidence,” he concluded.

Hilona Gos accuses Julien Bert of domestic violence: what we know about this case

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