Hilary Swank: the sad reason that had forced her to take a break from her career in 2014

If Hilary Swank is one of the most active actresses in cinema, in 2014, she was forced to put her career on hold to devote herself fully to another task far from Hollywood: taking care of her father. A choice on which the Oscar-winning actress confided in the columns of Health magazine, relayed by People. At the time, her father Stephen had undergone a lung transplant. And if this hiatus in her career was to last a year, it was ultimately longer than Hilary Swank expected.

“It was supposed to take a year, because it takes a year to see if an organ transplant takes. Lung transplants are the most difficult of all, because it is an incredibly delicate organ,” explained the actress who in 2018 married her companion Philip Schneider. “A year quickly turned into two, then three. And, thank God, the prayers were answered. He is in good health and is doing very well five years later,” she said.

An “overwhelming” test for Hilary Swank

However, it has been a long road for the actress, who reports that her father’s health has at times been “overwhelming” for her morale, even though she has always been surrounded by the right people in this ordeal. “It takes a lot of energy, love and edification on the subject at hand. The ups and downs are so difficult and can be overwhelming,” said Hilary Swank, adding valuable advice to people going through the same. situation that she: “Make sure you take time for yourself and express your needs to those around you so that they can help you,” she concluded. A small parenthesis in her career from which she has now recovered, she who has since continued to skim the shoots, such as 55 Steps and Logan Lucky released in 2017, What They Had in 2018, I Am Mother in 2019 and The Hunt in 2020.

Netflix’s “I AM MOTHER” Premiere at The Arclight in Hollywood, California on 6/6/19. 06 Jun 2019 P © © Mega / KCS

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