Hilary Duff: this very surprising requirement that she had for her third childbirth

A surprising request! Wishing her son Luca would witness the strength of women, Hilary Duff requested that the latter attend her childbirth. Guest on the Informed Pregnancy podcast to talk about her home birth, the 33-year-old star revealed her son entered the room the moment the baby came out. “It was pretty important to me because I’m really, really open and honest with him about the strength of women and what a childbirth is like. He knows all about periods and it’s important for me to normalize this conversation. with him for all the women who will share his life, ”she explained.

Speaking of how she educates Luca, Hilary Duff revealed, “I think sometimes a 9 year old is like, ‘Well men have bigger muscles’ and that’s right, but we bring life in. this world. We’re moving a baby through our body. There’s a big topic of conversation in the house right now: equality and strength coming from different places besides your muscles or whatever. ” Explaining that she wanted her son to understand that there were different ways to bring a baby into the world, she said, “I want the day he is ready to have a child with his partner or his wife or whatever. it be else, I want him to be able to respect the way she wants to be able to have a baby, and if it’s at home it can be at home, if it’s in a hospital, it will be a hospital.”

Why did her daughter not attend her childbirth?

The mother-of-three also explained that her daughter, Banks, was unable to attend the birth because it all happened quickly. “I was like, ‘Somebody get her out of here’, because the contractions were just coming on so fast and it was hard for me,” she started before adding, “With Luca, when I was hard at work with Banks he was outside and I was hanging out with him and we were cuddling and it wasn’t that hard at the time. With this one I couldn’t handle Banks not knowing not what was going on. “

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