Hilarious live-tweet from a mother about her household chores strike

Miss Potkin made a mini revolution. While she was the only one doing the housework at her home, the mother decided to say stop. For several days she went on strike to see if things would change. As RTL reports, it was on March 15, 2021 that the young Briton began her household chores strike.

On Twitter, Miss Potkin as she calls herself, then unveiled the start of her ordeal on Twitter …. Between pile of dirty clothes, crockery that was piling up and empty products still in the shower, the mother did not know any more or give head. “At some point, they will run out of spoons, cups and plates (…) who will crack first? Not me!”, She had also written to her more than 20,000 subscribers.

The cleaning is done after … four days

Woman and mother of three children, Miss Potkin stopped after being fed up and waited for the other members of her home to take over. Only here, it took time … It is indeed after four days of strike that a first reaction took place. Visibly disturbed by the dirt and clutter, Miss Potkin’s partner began by putting the dishes in the dishwasher provided for this purpose. “She thus recounts having wanted to enter the kitchen, when the gentleman stopped her:” don’t walk here, it’s dirty “, before starting to clean the floor.” writes RTL.

A first victory for the mother who finally saw her house clean again. “It finally happened” she also had fun commenting. Note that despite everything Miss Potkin kept smiling and had fun with her experience. Experience that she does not wish to repeat.

Sadly hilarious viral live-tweet from a mother about her household chores strike © Twitter

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