Hilaria Baldwin: her 9-month-old son rushed to hospital

She was very scared! On Saturday May 15, 2021, Hilaria Baldwin revealed on social media that her nine-month-old son Eduardo was hospitalized after having an allergic reaction. After sharing a snapshot of her hugging her son in a waiting room, the mum-of-six said, “We had a scary experience where Edu had an allergic reaction. I don’t know what yet. , but it was one of those horrible times a parent dreads. My kids don’t have allergies so this was a first. No matter how many kids you have, there are always moments that shake us, because we can’t prepare for that. It was after he got better, the vomit on my clothes had dried, and my friend sent a picture to Alec (who works on the go) to let him know that everything would be fine. “

While her baby boy is much better and was able to return home to reunite with her siblings, Alec Baldwin’s wife wanted to thank the medical staff. “I am grateful to you doctors and nurses and other health professionals. I will not mention your names here, but you know who you are and I hope how much you know that my heart is linked to your care and to your kindness, ”she wrote. So that no other parent gets into this situation, the pretty brunette added, “I’ve been told that speed in this situation is key… don’t wait to see if it gets better. you find yourself in this situation just go get help. I love you my little boy – mommy loves you so much. “

A long-awaited little boy

Before giving birth to baby Eduardo, Hilaria Baldwin spent a lot of time in hospitals. Indeed, the pretty brunette had suffered from two miscarriages in April 2019, then in November 2019. On Instagram, she wrote: “We are very sad to share the death of our baby at four months of pregnancy. I am completely devastated. This is not what I expected while doing my ultrasound. (…) I am still in shock. ” Finally, it was on September 8, 2020 that the young woman gave birth to her fifth child, Eduardo, specifying that this first name meant “rich guardian of peace and light.”

Alec and Hilaria Baldwin © SGP

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