“He’s going to die, the fat one”: this shocking message sent by Diego Maradona’s doctor a few hours before his death

This Sunday, February 21, the Sunday Journal devoted an article to the question that has haunted Argentina for several months, whether the death of Diego Maradona could have been avoided. Since the death of Pibe de oro on November 25, just two weeks after having undergone a major brain operation, all eyes have been turned towards the medical profession who accompanied the athlete, and more precisely to Leopoldo Luque, neurosurgeon and Diego’s doctor. Maradona. The cause ? The heart attack that killed the footballer was not caused by alcohol or narcotics consumption, since, according to the autopsy, these substances were absent from the star’s body at the time of his death. On the other hand, this same autopsy detected cirrhosis, renal failure and above all, heart disease. However, it seems that Diego Maradona’s doctor was not aware of this cardiovascular fragility, since number 10 was not receiving any medication for these problems. While an investigation is underway, fans of the footballer hold Leopoldo Luque responsible for the death of their idol. “I am not saying that Maradona died through his fault, but if he had made the right arbitrations, the death could have been avoided,” said the lawyer for Dalma and Giannina Maradona, the sportsman’s daughters. And while the doctor is already Argentina’s scapegoat, recent leaks of investigative evidence have revealed an exchange of messages that is not helping his cause. The conversation between Agostina Cosachov (the psychiatrist) and Leopoldo Luque reveals curious bits and pieces, including a private recording of the doctor, the day before Diego Maradona’s death, who says: “It seems he had a cardiopulmonary arrest . He’s going to kill the fat one. ” Shocking words which strongly reacted to the public, and in particular the footballer’s daughters, Dalma Maradona even recounting having “vomited” upon discovering the conversation. “The only thing I ask God is that justice be done and that those who must pay pay,” she said.

Doctor denies knowing about Diego Maradona’s heart problems

For his part, the neurosurgeon refuses to be presented as Diego Maradona’s chief doctor and denies having had any knowledge of the star’s heart problems. “The last alive analyzes did not show them so no treatment was required”, declares the entourage of Leopoldo Luque.

Diego Maradona © SGP

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