It was in Martinique, in Bellefontaine, that this miracle happened. Indeed, on Sunday April 3, a plainclothes firefighter saved the life of a 14-month-old baby. On Bellefontaine beach, around 5 p.m., Otto-Oswald Dubois, a plainclothes firefighter, accompanied his son to a birthday party. Only, he quickly noticed a baby about to drown in the open sea.

This young child escaped the vigilance of his parents and headed for the sea, according to Outre-mer La 1ere. Otto-Oswald Dubois then rushed to save the child. Moreover, he provided him with first aid without delay. The child’s condition was already worrying when the firefighter pulled him out of the water, according to the outlet. “I took care of the baby. He was in cardio-respiratory arrest. After massages and several stages (unconscious, convulsion, conscious), I was able to recover him in stable condition,” said Otto-Oswald Dubois . Suffice to say, the intervention of this hero made the difference in the rescue of this child. Moreover, “The president of the territorial fire and rescue service (STIS) of Martinique even plans to officially decorate the firefighter for what he has accomplished”, reports the media.

A scourge as deadly as the coronavirus

Deaths related to drowning accidents are a real scourge. Moreover, everyone is concerned by this problem as well as all bathing places. Note that “drowning is the third leading cause of death by unintentional injury in the world”, reports the World Health Organization.

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