Waxing completely, waxing all over… Hair tracking has no limits these days. On the networks, TikTok and Instagram in the lead, videos of hair removal from the nose are all the rage, accumulating, each time, several million views.

But if, aesthetically, removing unwanted hair from your nose is largely understandable, from a medical point of view, the practice can even put your health at risk…

New beauty trend

Waxing your nose involves inserting a wax applicator into the nostril and letting it harden. The abrupt withdrawal of the applicator allows the annoying hairs to be dragged with it. If men are more likely to be tempted by this practice, women can also embark on this hair removal mission. However, a doctor, alarmed by this new beauty trend, recently wanted to warn his followers, explaining why you should never pull out nose hair at the root.

The danger triangle

On Instagram, Dr. Karan Raj noted “You have two types of nose hair” then detailed: “You have microscopic cilia, these filter the mucus and send it to the back of the throat where it ends up in the stomach. And the vibrissae, the big ones that you want to tear off” indicating that “These prevent the large particles from reaching the back of the nose”. By plucking these hairs, the risks are numerous “If you pick them, the germs around the follicle can penetrate inside and cause an infection” he explained. This doctor from the English health authority added that removing hair from the nose could have major repercussions because of the “danger triangle”, a part of the face from the bridge of the nose to each corner of the mouth.

A gateway to the brain

Considered a risk area for infections (whether it’s a nose piercing or a simple pimple), it is an easy route to the brain. “It’s because the same veins that carry blood out of the nose meet the veins that carry blood out of the brain,” Dr. Raj said, continuing, “So if the germs get there in the brain, it can cause inflammation of the brain, sometimes leading to brain abscesses”. Although this is an extremely rare side effect, the damage can be colossal for people with weakened immune systems. “So next time cut it!” he concluded.



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