After Galentine’s Day, which highlights female solidarity, it’s time for Valentine’s Day! Many are the lovebirds who will celebrate their love. And for good reason, it’s the most romantic day of the year. The opportunity to spend a tender moment with your other half. Exit the stress of everyday life, we savor this little break for two. Whether you are in a relationship, in full seduction of your crush or single, there are several ways to mark the occasion. For the American version of Glamor magazine, astrologer Meghan Rose revealed how to celebrate this Tuesday, February 14, according to your astrological sign.


This Valentine’s Day, give yourself permission to be honest about what really makes you happy. Make sure you don’t minimize your desires, friend Aries. Known for your temerity, you will certainly be ready to go karting or rock climbing. Let’s not forget that you are a fire sign that loves adrenaline. To charm you, you will therefore have to think big and why not opt ​​for a long trip in the desert or a hot air balloon ride.


We know that you are a great romantic. Therefore, nothing better than planning a picnic in front of a magnificent sunset. As a Taurus, you also love the little touches. Rather than booking a dinner in an overrated restaurant, you prefer to meet your other half at the place where you met. You like to take your time and discover the beauty that surrounds you. Ireland is definitely one of the destinations you will enjoy, whether you are alone or accompanied.


Dear Gemini, do something different and exciting this February 14th. If you are single, do not hesitate to organize a crazy evening with your friends. This will help you disconnect. Just like a spa weekend. Curious and creative, go stimulate your brain by doing an art exhibition or having a drink on a rooftop to admire your city from above. As an adventurous sign, you like a change of scenery. We can only advise you to plan a road trip.


You are the most sentimental sign of the zodiac. To move you, you will have to opt for a nostalgic gift. If you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day alone, take a trip down memory lane by watching your favorite childhood movie. You are a homebody by nature, so don’t feel guilty about spending a relaxing evening at home rather than in an overly stimulating place. In the program ? Your favorite dish followed by a good hot bath. A stay in a small seaside town may also appeal to you. Especially if your day starts with yoga or walking on the beach.


Contrary to popular belief, you are not full of yourself. On the contrary, you are actually generous with those around you. So there is a good chance that you will pull out all the stops for Valentine’s Day. As a very sensitive fire sign, you will appreciate being pampered and having your needs taken care of. So, a candlelight dinner at your favorite restaurant is the right plan. Singles will also have a great time, especially if the evening ends with karaoke with friends. On the travel side, Mexico is an idyllic destination for the Leo.


Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to remind yourself to slow down and take care of yourself. So bet on a good massage or a manicure. This also applies if you are single. Remember that your sign is driven by simplicity. A gift that comes from the heart will make you capsize. If you are generally known for your need to control everything, use this evening to let go and let your significant other surprise you. On the travel side, fly to Florence in Italy. A city whose culture, cleanliness and tranquility will put you at ease.


More passionate than ever, you will be particularly touched to receive a handwritten letter from your significant other. There is nothing too cheesy in your eyes. You love romantic gestures. A stay in a lovely hotel overlooking the mountains will fill you with joy. To satisfy your sweet tooth, opt for a cooking class. Very sociable, you will take the opportunity to interact with new people while awakening your taste buds.


You are one of the most sensual signs of the Zodiac. In other words, you love this time of year. You like being seduced and titillating your senses. For Valentine’s Day, you will enjoy dining in a place where the light is dim and ending the evening in complete privacy with your other half. If you are single, take advantage of this time to take care of yourself. On the travel side, New Orleans, Louisiana is the perfect city to create unforgettable memories.


We know that you need to be inspired to have a good time. Go and take your mind off things by attending a show. An orchestra, a ballet, a one-man show or the concert of your favorite artist, you are free to choose the program. If you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day alone, try new things like pottery, playing the piano, or making jewelry. Nothing better to stimulate your body and mind. The best place to visit is Bali for its cliffs, stunning beaches and coral reefs.


Light a few candles, sip your favorite drink and look into your significant other’s loving eyes. This is the perfect schedule if you are Capricorn. This Valentine’s Day will be placed under the sign of relaxation. Massage, spa… Bet on relaxing activities that will boost your morale. On the travel side, go to a place unknown to tourists. A secret corner away from the crowds where you can savor every minute with your partner.


For Valentine’s Day, plan a romantic evening of stargazing. Bring out the champagne and the chocolate-covered strawberries! Singles can treat themselves to an intimate meal, surrounded by their loved ones. Lovers of the great outdoors, you will probably want to stroll through a park, hand in hand, with your other half.


For this Valentine’s Day, sweetness will be in order. Let yourself be lulled by the delicious notes of a jazz club before ending the evening in the arms of your other half. You like delicate gestures and expressions of tenderness, so opt for activities that give you emotions. On the travel side, stay somewhere that offers you the chance to enjoy stunning ocean views as the palm trees sway overhead.

Here's how to celebrate Valentine's Day based on your star sign


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