Judi James, body language expert, revealed the postures to adopt to be irresistible. Extending your neck and avoiding crossing your legs at the ankles, for example, makes it terribly attractive.

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, knowing how to position yourself to be irresistible is important. Body language expert Judi James has revealed some subtle gestures to adopt to the Daily Mail. You want to know more ? So follow the guide.

Tilt your head slightly

Judi James has revealed that tilting her head to the side makes her more attractive. “The tilt itself is an animal gesture of playfulness and fun,” she says. Plus, the tilt also flatters the face. “Very few faces look their best from a straight, straight angle, as passport photos often prove.” The expert added that tilting your head keeps you from looking too serious. “Gravity pulls the features down, making the face look more solemn. The tilt relaxes the facial muscles and creates an asymmetrical smile that will appear relaxed and natural, easy to produce,” she said.

The gap between the armpits should be V-shaped

This movement is subtle, but important. “The right size of underarm space will make you look confident and sexy,” says Judy James. The expert also explains how to master this gesture: “if you are sitting on a chair, place your elbows on the arms or if you are standing in front of a bar, lean one elbow on the bar or raise both hands slightly while you gesture to gently move your elbows away from your ribs.”

Popularized by red carpet stars, the sexy over-the-shoulder look is a true classic. “Try to take a quick look over your shoulder at the other person as you walk away,” advises Judi James. “Turn your head back and twist your torso slightly, but keep your buttocks and hips straight,” she emphasized. This move makes her look sexy and cool at the same time, while showing off her attractive body shapes.

Lengthen the neck and arch the back

The expert also advises arching your back slightly, so as to tilt your shoulders down. “Pulling your shoulders back can make your posture stiff and unnatural, but pushing them down will create a relaxed sense of confidence,” she said. Thus, the muscles will be relaxed, and the neck will be longer and more flattering.

The things you should not do to be attractive

If certain postures aim to make us irresistible, others, on the other hand, must be completely banned. Crossing your arms, crossing your legs at the ankle or placing both hands on your hips is absolutely not sexy. “Each type of arm bend signals a different emotional state, but none of them are good. Either you’re bored, or disconnected, or you want to hide,” says Judi James. What we also forget: the fake smile. “It may just be nervousness that’s causing it, but a fake smile never looks attractive. The problem tends to occur when we smile with our mouths but not with our eyes.”


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