If drinking can be a pleasure, suffering the next day never is. Yes, it is indeed possible to avoid a hangover, or at least to limit its devastating effects. For this, experts have compiled eight essential tips.

What to do in the morning? What to do when drinking or before drinking? By following this protocol, the sensations of dry mouth, headache or nausea will be reduced to zero.

Avoid having a bad day

One drink and then another and another. You had promised yourself “Just a drink and I’ll go back to bed”, yet you find yourself far from your bed at three o’clock in the morning. Whether regretted or not, a hangover is sometimes the inevitable consequence of a good night out. If this moment is never easy to assume, it can be fatal if it is a question of having to continue on a day of work. Also, some very simple means are available to avoid the drama.

Before going to the party

Before an evening where it will be a question of having a drink, it is recommended to do a good sports session in order to let off steam and evacuate all stress. This practice can allow you not to “decompensate” in alcohol, and lead you to be more moderate. Another necessity before drinking: fill your stomach. A whole, healthy meal of protein, vegetables, and carbohydrates helps prepare your body for an alcoholic drink. Drinking on an empty stomach, on the other hand, leads to rapid absorption into the bloodstream and therefore faster intoxication which will inevitably be unpleasant the next day.

In the evening

Certainly, during the party, it does not appear as the most joyful drink. However, water is your best ally. While drinking water helps you stay hydrated, it also helps you space out drinks, giving your body a chance to recover better between drinks. Another classic and essential advice, avoid mixing drinks. It’s easy to get carried away with other people’s orders, even a few shots while drinking wine. So do your best not to mix things up, trying to stick to the same type of drink all evening.

Choose the right drink

The higher the percentage of alcohol, the stronger the hangover will be in the early morning. For this, favor cocktails where the alcohol is diluted. Otherwise, opt for clear alcohols such as vodka or gin whose compounds are less prone to hangovers. Not so with whiskey or rum… especially sipping it all night.

Before going to bed

Before slipping into your sheets, make sure you’ve drunk enough water, as your body is dehydrating with the alcohol, so you’ll help it regain your strength. A glass or two is recommended for sufficient hydration. You can also put a glass near your bed if you wake up during the night or to drink it as soon as you wake up. Finally, to recover from an alcoholic evening, nothing like a good night’s sleep. Wearing a mask over your eyes can help ensure that you won’t be woken up by the sun streaming through your curtains, giving you good hours of rest. Finally, as often, moderation remains the best advice!

Here are 8 tips to prevent and relieve a hangover


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