From a food point of view, all tastes are in nature. If some love foods, others hate them deeply. Whether it’s their taste, texture or smell, the reasons are all valid!

However, for a woman, this behavior is unacceptable. Horrified, a mother discovered that her stepmother had forced her daughter to eat a food that she deeply hates. Shocking behavior that prompted him to kick her out.

A hated food

Anonymously on a Reddit forum, the mother confided after finding her daughter in tears. Aged 10, she admitted to him that she was “sick and tired of being hungry most nights”. A statement that obviously worried her and for which she quickly understood the reason. She noted, “My husband and I have a daughter who hates mushrooms.” She said: “She can’t stand their taste, texture and smell. She’s not picky at all but just doesn’t like mushrooms.”

A kitchen helper

A behavior that is not to the taste of his mother-in-law who lives under the same roof. “She helps us by watching my daughter when she comes home from school,” she explained. She is also responsible for preparing meals on evenings when the parents work late. She is therefore the one who cooks the meals for her daughter. “My mother-in-law loves to cook, she assured us that it would not be a problem to cook dinner for our daughter almost every night” she revealed.

left hungry

Indeed, the mother and her husband, both in the medical field, have “unpredictable” schedules. It sometimes happens that they can be off in the evening and prepare the meal with the family. “Last night we cooked dinner together and my mother-in-law went out to dinner with friends,” she said. “Susie came to us crying, saying she was tired of being hungry most nights and asking if we could cook dinners for her instead of her mother-in-law,” she continued.

Mushrooms every night

While it is common knowledge that Susie does not like mushrooms, her mother-in-law seems to make it a point of honor to ignore this recommendation. “For the past few weeks, every single dish my mother-in-law has prepared for Susie has had mushrooms as the main ingredient,” she said annoyed. “Mushroom burger, mushroom risotto, mushroom pasta, etc. she listed, indicating that these dishes are never prepared if she and her husband are present at the dinner.

Lying on an empty stomach

Politely refusing to eat these dishes, the mother-in-law enjoins him to have dinner or else he will have no other food the rest of the evening and “get over this stupid hatred of mushrooms”. Crying and hungry, their daughter went to bed hungry every night. “We were extremely upset because my mother-in-law only cooked her dinners with the ONE ingredient she didn’t like and wouldn’t allow her to eat anything else,” she said. When her stepmother comes home from dinner, she confronts her and her husband.

Insulted under his roof

The discussion cuts short, she tells them that Susie needs to grow up and face her hatred of mushrooms. The mother replies that she is starving her granddaughter. “She then started calling me a ‘shitty mom’ for prioritizing my career over my child and not helping her get over that vegetable aversion,” she noted. Faced with this reflection, she kicks her out, telling her that she will not disrespect her under her roof. Fortunately, her husband is 100% behind her, also finding her mother irrelevant. Since the argument, the couple have been constantly receiving messages from their sisters-in-law as well as their mother-in-law who call them names.

Inappropriate behavior

The mother then wondered if she had been right or if she, too, should have forced her daughter to appreciate mushrooms. In the comments, the vast majority of people were horrified by the behavior of the grandmother. “Your mother-in-law doesn’t understand that it’s perfectly normal to have different tastes than another person. The main thing is that it’s your child, your home and your rules! wrote a first person. Another fumed: “I despise mushrooms. The texture is disgusting and they taste like dirt to me. Starving a child because he doesn’t like mushrooms is completely ridiculous”. Finally, a last one concluded: “I am 47 years old and for this reason, I cannot drink milk directly or have it on cereal just because I had to drink it in college”.

Her stepmother forces her daughter to eat a food she hates and throws her out


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