Her six-year-old son’s birthday will be unforgettable, but not for the right reasons

A birthday that did not go as planned at all … An American mother named Dawn had organized a birthday party to celebrate her son’s sixth birthday. The mother explained her story on Tik Tok, by posting several videos, which have gone viral, as reported in the Sun, this Tuesday, June 22, 2021. Despite the 22 invitations sent, no child came to the party!

The mother was heartbroken and let it be known on her social media. Her son sadly found himself playing alone, with all the decorations set up and ready for the young guests. And yet all restrictions due to Covid-19 had been lifted in the region, so guests were fully allowed to attend the birthday party, which was in a park.

A video that made the buzz on social networks

Devastated, Dawn spoke up in a video: “I’m currently sitting at the park for JJ’s birthday party, we’ve got everything ready, her party started half an hour ago. nobody for his birthday. My poor little man, “she lamented. In the video in question, her son, JJ, is playing alone in the park, with his mother nearby, who is filming cupcakes and the decoration she has prepared. The mom explained that no one showed up on the 22 invitations sent out. “Sorry the video is shaky, I’m so mad for this poor little darling. He deserves better. He’s amazing.” Going viral, the video has already been viewed over 2 million times and received over 300,000 likes and thousands of supporting comments.

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