It’s no mystery to anyone: a wedding can often bring out the meaner side of others! Some brides even go so far as to turn into “bridezillas” arguing with their loved ones over minute details.

A young woman has revealed the family drama that played out in her own family. A quarrel caused by a username on the social network Instagram that she refuses to give in to her sister-in-law…

Change of identity

Anonymously, the 25-year-old testified on a Reddit forum to her argument with her sister-in-law because she had refused to “offer” her username on Instagram. A quarrel set up which, from now on, threatens even its participation in the marriage. In her message, she claimed to have been married for a year. After her union, she had changed her pseudonym to be @mrs followed by her new surname. Although she uses Instagram little and only has about 79 followers, she held on to this identity.

A disturbing pseudonym

The situation is quite different for his new sister-in-law, an avid Instagram user, who has more than 10,000 subscribers on her page. She wanted to take the same surname and, in fact, hope to modify her account to also be @mrs followed by her new surname. “Last week, I was helping Tanya with her wedding gift list,” she noted. “She asked me to change my pseudonym in order to give it to her as a gift because it meant a lot to her,” she added. She then offers him to add a dash, a dot or even numbers so that both can keep their new name. A suggestion that is not to Tanya’s taste. “She told me it would ruin the aesthetics of the username and she would never use it because she would hate it,” she commented. The situation between the two women seems blocked. “I was so confused. I told him that I did not understand why I had to do this, ”she wrote. “She got angry and told me that I didn’t deserve to have this pseudonym, my account being private, not using it much and not even having 100 subscribers while she has 10,000, without count his “beautiful photos” full of likes and comments “she said. Tanya then tells him that she “deserves the last name more because she’s been in the family longer than me (they’ve been childhood friends and sweethearts since high school), that they got engaged earlier than me which only followed with my husband for five years”.

A ridiculous ultimatum

To prevent things from getting worse, the young woman tries to calm her down, while emphasizing that she has offered her a solution. Tanya replies that she only has to use this solution herself and that she has already reserved this pseudonym on other social networks. “She was speaking aggressively at the time. I left saying it was childish and superficial and I wouldn’t do it. However, since this altercation, the young woman receives “text messages and calls from my in-laws, her friends and her family who tell me that I have already ruined her most special day”. Her family seems unanimous on this decision and did not hesitate to give the young woman an ultimatum “If I don’t give her my pseudonym, they will disinvite us from the wedding”. Now feeling “very guilty” that such a small thing is causing such a big problem, she doesn’t know how to react. More than 500 people chimed in in the comments, with many arguing the bride was wrong. “If they disinvite you for such a trivial thing, do you really want to go? noted one person. Another quipped, “Tell him you’ll give that username to your brother-in-law’s next wife.”

Her sister-in-law wants to disinvite her from her wedding because she refuses to give her her Instagram handle


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