At 20 weeks pregnant, Genevieve “Genna” Knox, a teacher from San Diego, Calif., believed she had a normal pregnancy. However, he is told that a second baby is also on the way. But the sequel will shock her because in the seventh month of her pregnancy, she will learn that she is not expecting two children at all. In 2019, Genna, 38, and her husband Kyle wanted to have a second child with their 6-year-old son Liam, British daily The Mirror reports. The couple were also aware that Genna was at a more or less advanced age.

During the ultrasound at 20 weeks, Genna first discovers that she was going to have twins when she was expecting to have only one baby. “She was like, ‘Wait, are you having twins?’ And I was like, ‘No, I don’t think so,'” Genna said. “Then I looked up and could clearly see there were two babies,” she told The couple of Genna and Kyle were already wondering how she was going to organize herself with suddenly three children at home. But they were not at the end of their surprise. In her seventh month of pregnancy, Genna performed a CT scan.

She learns in shock that she was expecting more than twins

A four-dimensional scanner she just wanted to have as a keepsake and something to show their family, reports The Mirror. During the ultrasound, Genna got worried because the sonographer took a long time to talk to her. “How far were you when you found out you were going to have twins?” asked the operator. “Oh my God, you’re not going to believe it,” Genna replied before recounting what happened at 20 weeks. Then Genna learns that she is actually expecting triplets and not twins. Genna says she was in total shock when she heard the good news and “barely remembers” when she found out.

Her pregnancy is proceeding normally, what she learns in the seventh month leaves her in shock

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