Excited to find out the gender of her soon-to-be baby during her baby shower, Ashlee gaped at her mom’s tasteless joke.

The arrival of a baby is a happy event that is generally prepared with care. We organize the house, we decorate the room without forgetting to stock up on clothes and accessories for the little one. A birth is an event as important as it is overwhelming, so it requires a little anticipation to meet all the challenges to come. And before embarking on this pretty adventure, it is customary to organize a baby shower to find out the sex of the toddler. A baby shower that can quickly be ruined. A future mother named Ashlee also paid the price after her mother’s bad joke.

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Everything had started so well. As we can see in her video shared on TikTok, Ashlee, an American from California, was enjoying her baby shower with her loved ones. When the time came to find out the sex of her second child, the beautiful brunette grabbed a needle to burst the balloon which contained the color blue, meaning that she was pregnant with a boy. At the same time, her mother decided to prank her by setting off a pink confetti cannon, thus tricking her into thinking she would have a daughter. The young woman jumped for joy before her son made her realize that it was indeed a boy.

A highly criticized joke

“Clearly, you can see that I really wanted to have a girl. At that moment, I felt like I had won the lottery (…) I was furious” confided Ashlee in her video. Internet users were also numerous to criticize the gesture of the mother. “His reaction is normal because you can’t play with a pregnant woman’s emotions like that. Either way, I’m sure you’ll have a beautiful baby boy,” the post read. . In the comments, the mom-to-be made it clear that she was simply disappointed by the bad joke but was absolutely thrilled to have a second boy.

Her mom plays a tasteless prank on her during her baby shower ©

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