When she divorced three years ago, this woman had already anonymously taken to Reddit to share her painful story and gather support and advice from fellow members. Today, it is on this same forum that she came to testify to the behavior of her current partner.

Recalling that her divorce followed a decision by her ex who, on receiving the diagnosis of her illness, had chosen to leave her out of altruism so as not to ruin their story and not become a burden for her, she gave her news .

see your ex again

Still anonymously, she wrote: “My ex-husband is very ill at the moment and asked to see me probably for the last time”. “My current husband got extremely angry with me when I told him about it and threatened to divorce me if I did,” she continued. A shocking and incomprehensible behavior in his eyes.

Threat and ultimatum

“I’m five months pregnant and I feel like I’m seeing a side of my current husband that I didn’t know before.” A new partner who does not hesitate to call his ex a manipulator, while waving the threat of a divorce if she realizes his last wish. A reaction that she finds difficult to accept. “This could be my last chance to say goodbye to him,” she said.

A last goodbye

Claiming that she would feel “terribly guilty” if her ex-husband died without her having been able to see him one last time, she indicated that there was “a lot at stake” in her future decision. She also specified that she did not want to honor this request behind the back of her current husband. A dilemma that did not fail to attract the sympathy of other users, all pointing out that it was her current husband who was the manipulator.

A thwarted love

“He is jealous of a sick man! This is completely unjustified and quite pathetic. Besides, he gives you an ultimatum? Go! asserted a first person. “Your husband is your partner, not your landlord. If he doesn’t like it, that’s his business. If he can’t handle the completely reasonable wishes of a terminally ill man, maybe marriage is a bad idea,” noted a second. A third person recalled, “You still loved him and he still loved you and if he hadn’t had any health issues you would still be together. You know what the right decision is”.

A hurtful second position

However, others attempted to view this request from the perspective of her current husband, noting that it was clear that she still had strong feelings for her ex. “I’m not going to say what your current husband is doing is right, but it’s his suffering that speaks” wrote one person. “He knows that for the woman he loves, he will always come second to your dying ex and it’s eating him inside,” she continued. Finally, a last resumed his remarks: “You said that you did not want to divorce your ex. Your husband knows you still have feelings for him. It’s not unreasonable to be jealous and upset about your feelings.”

Her husband threatens to divorce her if she sees her terminally ill ex-husband again


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