Women who like to wear heels do so for several reasons, the simplest being their love of shoes. Lengthening the legs, wonderfully punctuating certain outfits, heels are sometimes revered. However, the latter, especially if they are high, can make you taller than your partner.

While for most men this is hardly a problem, one woman said anonymously that her husband hated it. “Worried that people would see him” in the company of a larger woman, he even refused to go to an important family event for this reason.

An inferiority complex

It was on a Reddit forum that the wife, destabilized by the attitude of her companion, told of their argument. “My father died two weeks ago,” she explained. “Before the funeral, my husband, who has always had height problems (he’s short), asked me if I was going to wear high heels,” she continued. She nods, explaining that it’s the only black pair she has, adapted to her outfit. An answer that does not satisfy him.

An ultimatum

Trying to convince her to opt for another pair, he ends up exclaiming that he is worried that people will see him in his company if she appears so tall next to him. “I used to say nothing but this time I said no,” she says. He replies that he will not attend the funeral under these conditions.

A noticeable absence

Shocked, she “calls him crazy” for missing the funeral for such a trivial reason. “He seemed upset. He said I was the crazy one for refusing to compromise to make it work,” she added. The conversation ends in a “huge argument”. “He ended up not going. We no longer speak to each other at the moment and his family thinks that I was stubborn and that I should have made a compromise if I really wanted him by my side.

A decried behavior

In the comments, the majority of people present on the forum were completely disconcerted by the attitude of her companion affirming that he should have supported her in this ordeal, regardless of her outfit. “His crippling insecurity is more important to him than being there to support his wife at his father’s funeral! fumed one person. “Even after the funeral, he does not recognize that he messed up? Better, he continues his temper tantrum and refuses to talk to you? she continued, inviting him to couple therapy if she really wanted to save her marriage.

A non-existent husband

Also in the comments, one person asked, “If they have a problem with their wives looking taller, why can’t these men find a shorter wives?” “. A second commented “I could not take back someone who is not able to put their insecurities aside to support me in this dark moment”. Finally, a last underlined “No one at a funeral would pay attention to the husband! They are in mourning! He did everything for him… as if everyone didn’t already know he was little! she concluded.

Her husband refuses to attend his father's funeral for an absurd reason


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