She hadn’t expected this when she got home that day. Writing to Abby, a regular adviser to the New York Post, a woman, anonymously, revealed that her husband had left her overnight without the slightest warning sign.

This news, it is by SMS that she learned it. A behavior as shocking as painful on the part of the one who shared his life for many years. Now, betrayed, she nevertheless wonders if he would be likely to return to the family home.

An unexpected breakup

“I am in mourning for my husband”. It was with this strange affirmation that the betrayed wife began her statement. “He is still alive but he left six months ago,” she said. It is with a text message that the runaway husband informs his wife that he is leaving her for another. “I didn’t see it coming,” she commented. A breakup all the more surprising as both were planning their move to their chalet, acquired when they retired.

disturbing behavior

However, while reading it, her husband had already behaved strangely. “One weekend he kicked me out of our cabin and three hours later she joined him there,” she noted. Feeling lost, not wanting her return following this “ultimate betrayal”, she claimed to have started therapy feeling confused, in mourning and upset. “My therapist seems to think he’s leaving the door open to come back one day,” she said. “He still comes once a month to pay the bills,” she continued.

An unflattering portrait

But these visits, although regular and brief, always have one condition: that she is not present at the time of her visit. “He sends me a text message to make sure I’ll be away for a few hours so I’m leaving,” she said. Admitting that, despite everything, she misses her husband, she does not feel able to forget her affair. “He’s lost weight and looks terrible,” she wrote. “He has aged so much. He is 66 years old, clinically depressed and an alcoholic. He’s also a narcissist,” she continued.

enjoy your freedom

Alone in their cabin, the cheated wife spends her time slowly tidying up the clutter he left behind that she wasn’t allowed to touch. “I am alone but I take advantage of my peace” she affirmed. “We don’t communicate at all. But do you think he will come back as if nothing had happened? she worried. In her answer Abby initially hoped that it wouldn’t. “Why the hell would you want him back? she was indignant. ” You are free ! See a lawyer, clear the physical and emotional debris from your life, and enjoy! she intimated to him.

Her husband leaves her for another woman and tells her the news by text message


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