Susan Fawcett thought she was having a dream vacation with her husband Roy. Unfortunately, the stay ended with a terrible tragedy: her husband drowned during a diving lesson.

The horror vacation. A man named Roy Fawcett drowned while exploring the waters of Paradise Island, an islet in the Dominican Republic. The tragic events date back to October 2017. At the time, the 58-year-old Briton was enjoying an all-inclusive holiday with his partner Susan and took part in a scuba diving lesson. If the 60-year-old woman remained in the surface waters, her husband ventured into the depths accompanied by a group of more experienced divers. An activity that was fatal to him. Seen motionless, his body floating in the water, the holidaymaker was rushed to hospital, before being officially pronounced dead. The incident happened two days before the couple returned to England.

Following a forensic investigation in September 2018, South Staffordshire medical examiner Andrew Haigh concluded that Roy Fawcett had died of “accidental drowning on a poorly supervised excursion”, as the daily reports. English The Sun. Four years after the tragedy, Susan initiated legal proceedings. Indeed, the companion of the deceased attacked the TUI travel agency, which she accuses of incompetence. Lawyer Andrew Young, for his part, argued that his client’s husband was insufficiently prepared for the activity, in addition to being left without any supervision. As for the company, it rejected any responsibility, specifying that this nautical outing was in fact not included in their all-inclusive offer.

After the loss of her husband, Susan seeks redress

For lawyer Andrew Young, the diving instructors have done absolutely nothing to save Roy Fawcett’s life, except alerting one of their colleagues. While the victim was brought back to shore by speedboat, the ship’s crew did not call for an ambulance. The unconscious man was therefore transported in a pick-up. A gesture that his wife Susan describes as neglectful. The latter is now claiming damages from TUI in the amount of 560,000 pounds, or approximately 670,540 euros. Suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), two other vacationers have also taken legal action. A case that will be settled in court. For now, the hearing date has not yet been set.


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